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Please note that articles are provided for informational purposes only and not to provide personal advice.  There is NO WARRANTY, expressed or implied, for the accuracy of this information or it's applicability to your financial situation.  Since everyone has a different situation, advice should be sought from a qualified professional or attorney.



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 -   Credit Information
 -   Stop Credit Harassment
 -   Free Credit Repair
 -   Get Free Credit Reports
 -   Sample Credit Report Dispute Letter
 -   Stop Credit Harassment

98 Questions & Answers about Buying a New Home

How To Avoid Foreclosure

Don't Be a Victim of Mortgage Loan Fraud

Missed 2 or 3 Mortgage Payments? Avoid Scams

Your Rights & Responsibilities of Your Lender or Mortgage Servicer

PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) Act Information

RESPA - FAQ (RESPA stands for "Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act." This is the law that says that you should be given certain information when you are purchasing a home.)

 -   Applying for a Mortgage Loan and Before the Settlement
 -   About the Good Faith Estimate
 -   Example Situation
 -   Escrow Accounts
 -   RESPA and Escrow Accounts in General
 -   What is covered under RESPA
 -   What RESPA does NOT cover and who can help
 -   About Escrow Account Cushions
 -   Figuring Escrow Accounts
 -   Variations in Escrow Accounts and Payments
 -   Disbursement Date
 -   Dealing with Your Lender or Insurance Company:
Taxes, Insurance, Force-Placement, Escrow and RESPA
 -   Consumer Tips When Applying For a Mortgage: Do's

How to Get $2,500 or More For Each Junk Fax You Receive


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